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I am passing this along to you from a close friend of mine who passed it to me.

I have always looked up to Laura.
Her humility and capacity to love and heal makes me deeply respect her
which is probably why I actually took a look at the link she sent (below.)

If the pith of this meditation is for you
I believe you’ll pretty much know it more or less right away.
So I don’t think it will be a waste of time and hopefully may even provide
something of true and real benefit amidst the onslaught of emails, bills,
prime time news and endless other demands we all seem to have to deal with
on a daily basis in this relentless time we live in.

My feeling is that this fraught and violent world is about to give way to an unmistakable peace.
I have felt this since I was very young and happened upon some details of it when I studied the
Lakota and Seneca teachings in my twenties and thirties. These teachings spoke of the
return of “White Buffalo Calf Woman,” the movement of humanity from the “4th World of Separation”
into the “5th World of Peace,”
and the re-establishment through the “Rainbow Tribe,” restoring to the world
native peoples’ wisdom and regard for our Mother Earth.

Like everyone, since 9/11, despite the seeming rapid downward spiral everywhere on the globe,
I had to draw upon a new kind of fortitude and faith in humanity
to continue believing I could help to create
a better world, .

Weirdly, or not, my being diagnosed in 2005 with breast cancer that had begun to metastasize,
rather than being terrifying,
afforded me a round glimpse of the true preciousness of our lives.

So, as Buddha more or less said: everything is a rumor until it is true for you.

What if the “apocalypse” is simply an everyday world that is just about upon us
where a profound ascendance of the heart will permeate everywhere and in all things.
Not magically, but because of our intention and diligence.
Where war, both within and without, is on it’s way out
and where we will see and feel and live–palpably–with beauty and kindness,
and sanity,
and wisdom.

In the supermarket, at school and work, over coffee, on the news, at the bank,
on the radio, doing the laundry, making dinner, brushing our teeth,
cleaning our closets, petting the cat or dog,
and gazing at the stars.

Invite The Bell


Let’s Get Excited! — A Message from a Meditator on 2012

Let’s get excited!!!!

That’s all I’m thinking for this year and transitional time in our history as humanity. It’s certainly an interesting point. In some ways, it can be frightening. Will society collapse? Will our money be worthless? Are we living in the midst of a crumbling empire? The answer to these questions hasn’t arrived yet. I do know this. Massive change that a lot of us as humanity have been waiting for our whole lives for is upon us. The system as we know it simply can’t exist anymore. This form of predatory capitalism that the west has been practicing for so long is on its deathbed. There are people in the streets all across the country voicing their discontent.

I can hear all of you who have lived through the 60’s right now telling me…”not so fast there young guy. We lived through that. We marched. We stopped an immoral and unjust war. We tried to change things, and the reality of the situation is a peaceful utopia is impossible. So just go to school, and get a job” And I can get that mentality. I’ve had it at points in my life when I’ve seen past protests. Most protests we are used to seeing are more like large gatherings of like-minded folks pushing some sort of special agenda. However, Occupy Wall Street is something entirely different and don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

I will tell you this. I’m really excited to see how the media is going to keep trying to discredit the movement. They’ve been trying to in vain since that cop took it upon himself to go on a pepper spraying spree back in September. We’ve already seen them try to paint all the protesters with that dirty hippie brush. I hate to break it to those empty headed talking heads on television feeding us the news, but there are not THAT many hippies all over the world. It’s been interesting to watch that, no matter how hard they try to laugh off the movement as nothing serious, it just intensifies. I think our leaders have underestimated us. I think I personally have been guilty of underestimating the intelligence and compassion that exists in this country. I’m pretty sure if I would have told you at this time last year that there would be a massive protest movement in the United States you’d look at me like I just told you Jesus was at my house stealing cable. I love the fact that every single day I’m at work and dealing with the public. It seems that people are more awake and aware than ever. For too long in this country we’ve been fat, happy, and content. We really didn’t care what our government was doing, or the CEO’s of banks or anything really for than matter. Just as long as we had our X-boxes, Ipads, and Doritos well, then we’d be happy. Well, now our moment is upon us.

I feel 2012 is going to be exciting, interesting and challenging. It feels like I’ve been preparing my whole life for the changes that are coming. I’m sure there will be a few rough patches here and there, but I feel in the end, humanity is going to make a choice. Are we going to live in a more cooperative world where we finally learn to share the resources of the planet with one another, or are we going to continue to let our leaders hoard all of the resources while we kill each other off for the scraps. I think we’ll find out in the coming years. In the meantime, now would be a good time to start praying, meditating, and getting your mind right. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the spectacle of it all 😉

I love you all

Hare Krishna
Praise Jesus
Allah Akbar