2011 Mount Kisco Sale Days 1

Sacred!Centre physically opened its doors on January 11, 2009.  It’s birth required much thought, time, energy, money, contemplation and patience.

Over a period of 3 plus years meditating in its first beautiful and empty room, I wondered what that spaciousness wanted from me, and in microcosm, what it wanted from us?  I hardly fretted over the details,  (except for the 23 coats of paint on the wall to arrive at the vibrant red walls.)   The vision was there even if the words weren’t.  Ideas kept coming, and I kept following them, not knowing how to articulate, much less convey, something I knew many people would love and desperately needed.

The vision said:  to every thing there is a sacred center, a heart, a flame.

Clearly laid there, in this vision, was the certainty that people, communities, even countries, need a way to abide peacefully within their own heart.  And needed to mine the rich depth, goodness, and wisdom which can only be found when the door of the heart opens.

Sacred!Centre is you, is me, is all of us.  It is about the center of our hearts and a community of hearts, one meditation, one gathering at a time.

The  vision also said that people need sweetness and simplicity restored to their lives. These are not just endearing thoughts, but compelling necessities.

Personally I agreed.

Now it’s 2011.

I need a place and a way to meaningfully come together with others without being asked to buy in to any particular point of view.  A way to stop and calm my mind that doesn’t add one more thing to the list of obligations in my already overpacked and overburdened life.

I don’t need one more piece of paper. One more gadget.  One more product that takes more life force than it gives.

I know I’m not alone in this.

Simply put, Sacred!Centre represents a local step taken to nourish a gentler world.  It shares this vision with many like efforts multiplying at a speed all over the world whose intention is to harness humanity’s ability to manifest the global good and a peaceful and sustainable planet.  The offering of simplicity–tea, meditation, interaction–this is what Sacred!Centre is.

A refuge from business-as-usual, a garden for contact that is no longer a rumor because we feel it directly–this is its aspiration.

We need relief.  We need to feel fundamentally connected. To ourselves.  To each other.   Humanity has been on a long search for such things, a truth well echoed by His Holiness, the IVth Dalai Lama who says “Everyone wants to be happy and wishes not to suffer.

As a species, we have attempted noble, and not, ways  to happiness.  Too numerous to tell, too often informed by a mentality ruled by survival.

We live in a new time.  One which urgently prevails upon each of us to finally pass this barrier.

There is no such thing as a stranger.  That’s fear.

Entrusting oneself to reality.  That’s love.

I believe we are capable of this level of love.  Now.

Our home, our Earth, at this time in our history is saying it loud and clear…

Life is not a rehearsal.

To give truly is to receive.

Deirdre A. Cole,  Mount Kisco NY

18 March 2011